We run an autobuild system for development at BizStream called Jenkins CI. It's a java based app that comes in the form of a .WAR file (everything is self contained) which allows you to setup Jenkins very quickly and start using it.

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When I’m setting up a Kentico object (Custom Tables/Document Types) I see this section labeled Autocomplete. I’m thinking, cool, I’ll just check that box and turn this field into a handy autocomplete input...

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Sterling Heibeck has been slinging code since 1995. His role at BizStream is not only about raising the median age of the group, but he brings a multitude of talent to the table when it comes to architecture, design, development, and all around awesomeness. To Sterling development is 95% problem solving and 5% Google. The answer is always yes when the question of "Can we do [insert anything here]" comes up.

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